Candlewood South on Paramount Blvd Proposal

The corridor between South St. and Candlewood on North Paramount Blvd. in North Long Beach has numerous issues that need to be resolved.


1. Parking:

Parking has become an issue because the older infrastructure… homes, apartments, commercial, etc. buildings were built following city codes from a bi-gone era. Meaning there are more cars on the road and on a per house basis than previous anticipated. As a result residents have a lack of space to park because there are too many cars per household. As result people are parking where they wouldn’t normally park or where they shouldn’t park: in front of other houses, in commercial parking lot business’s rely on for their customer/client bases, apartment complexes.

2. Trash:

There is just a lot of garbage that is dropped and lingers especially in the newly built medians in the middle of the road. The trash is from the quite frequent amount of Jaywalking that occurs which we will explore further down the page. The trash issue is caused by local residents… children on their way to school and people that spend a lot of time walking and don’t have anywhere to place their trash.

3. Sidewalk Dereliction:

The sidewalks and curbs on this street look like they haven’t been touched in decades. The paint on the curb is so sun bleached that it changed into a different color, the sidewalks are so dirty that it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that it hasn’t been pressure washed in 20+ years.

4. Zoning irregularities:

One of the interesting things in doing the research of my own building was it was zoned both for residential and for commercial. Now this kind of zoning at best allows real estate developers flexibility in what they want their property to be… an apartment or a commercial building to lease to businesses but on a serious downside is that there are commercial properties that have historically been home to lucrative businesses and now they are home to people living in them.

5. Lighting:

The lighting on the street exists but it could be much better.

6. Jay Walking:

This is a severe is all along the street because the residential areas are so dense and so open (there are no wall or gates that lead people to specific entrances and exits that are near a cross walk. As a result people of all ages jay walk across the street because walking to 55th way, Candlewood, or South St. The Jay Walking on Paramount is particularly dangerous because it has a high speed limit and many people tend to jet down this street at a very high speeds.

7. Street Sweeping:

One of the issues with the street sweeping schedule is that it is take two days to cover one area. On one day they street sweep one side of the street and on the other day they street sweep the other area of the street. This is a problem because it causes intense congestion on one side of Paramount Blvd. and then the next day it happens on the other side of Paramount Blvd. The streets are jam packed with cars that shouldn’t be there.

8. Speed Limit:

The speed limit on the street is too high. The area is very highly dense residential area with many people Jay walking across the street. It is a recipe for disaster and according to locals who know the area intimately it has caused several deaths in years past.


The vast majority of these solutions are things can happen in days. Some of it is simple paint and pressure washing.

1: Diagonal Parking:

On the west side of Paramount Blvd on front of the Sea Port Apartment complex. There is a ton of roadway that just isn’t utilized by the traffic that is driving by. When you are driving south on Paramount Blvd. the bike lane swerves to the right where it should just be a straight line from end to end which would allow plenty of space for diagonal parking spaces

2: Cross Walks:

56th Way… one to the Small Strip Mall to the Seaport Apartment Complex. As well as where North Pointe and where the Mobile Home park is… They are doing construction to Davenport Park which will be an attraction to many of the children who live across the street. There is also a parking lot across the street from the business between 56th way and South Street which could be utilized for parking since it since 20% occupied at most during the day and is virtually empty at night.

3. Fence Along the Median:

This will reduce the people incentive to not jay walk since they would also have to hop of a fence to get to the other side… They would have to walk all the way to the street light or the cross walk. This would also reduce the amount of trash since people won’t be dropping it on the median while they are Jay Walking.

4. Red Paint and Pressure Washing:

Public Works can come and just paint the curbs and get a pressure washer to wash the sidewalks more thoroughly.

5. Public Trash Cans:

Any time there are area with relatively high amount of foot traffic there should be some public trash cans there. We put one out by the side walk and people are using but this is a public service we are doing where the city should be doing it.

6. Street Sweeping:

I have been informed that there are scheduling changes in the general plan… We need to look into these to see if it will fix the problem or make it worse.

7. Stop Signs and Speed Limit Reduction:

The speed limit should reflect what a speed limit is where there are a lot of children walking as well as people in general. Where these proposed crosswalks are there also should be a stop sign there to minimize problems.

8. Tighten the zoning:

If it is residential, make it only residential. If it commercial make it only for commercial so someone can’t just go into a commercial zoned area and create a living space.

9. Cooler Street Lights:

Just like they are doing on Atlantic Street why can’t Paramount Blvd have nice street lamps and better lit street?